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The Asphalt Gospel


A 2,500 mile life-changing walk across America…

The Asphalt Gospel is a 90 minute documentary film by Scott Griessel produced by Crosswalk America. It tells the story of six ordinary people determined to spread a message of compassion and inclusion in the midst of the intolerance of the Christian Right. Join them as they walk to Washington, D.C. and share their surprising and moving story of hope.



The Asphalt Gospel may be viewed in its entirety or used in a study format of five one-hour sessions with a discussion guide. Pricing includes DVD program, church/institutional group use license, and on-going access to the downloadable/printable discussion questions accessible via the “Discussion Guide” tab above. This DVD program is not closed captioned.

Due to copyright restrictions this program is only available for purchase in North America.

Discussion Guide

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The Asphalt Gospel Discussion Guide