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In response to the call for online studies during COVID-19 isolation, we are offering Dream.Think.Be.Do. as a FREE streaming program for your personal and group use.

LtQ’s Dream.Think.Be.Do.
Streaming Online for Free!
Want to connect with your stuck-at-home congregation? Need some thought-provoking theological and spiritual input for your own well-being? Then check out Dream.Think.Be.Do. from Living the Questions!As a thank you to our thousands of LtQ supporters around the world, our popular Dream.Think.Be.Do. program is now available to STREAM FREE ONLINE.

DTBD's 20 SESSIONS are a distillation of the original Living the Questions DVD material and insights from the book, Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity (HarperOne, 2012). The video input and accompanying discussion questions provide an engaging catalyst for conversation among those who are searching for what’s next for followers of Jesus.

Featuring nearly 30 contributors (including Spong, Borg, Crossan, Butler-Bass, Levine, Fox, and Brueggemann), the streaming videos are adaptable for groups utilizing online video-conferencing platforms. You'll find links to the downloadable Discussion Questions at The FREE Streaming Videos can be accessed at

For over 15 years, Living the Questions has been providing the theological grounding, rationale, and vocabulary to help people articulate the foundations of Progressive Christianity. We hope this free resource will provide encouragement and inspiration in the midst of this extraordinary time in our lives together. Be well!

"Living the Questions is a breath of fresh air for liberal, progressive and mainstream believers — a phenomenal journey in faith."
— Mary Rockwell, Resource Center Director, Wyoming Conference of the United Methodist Church

"I am so thankful to have the privilege of walking with people through the 'classes' and witnessing how they very
eagerly choose to go deeper in their faith and want others to experience it as well."
— Rev. Lee Anne Ireland, Orange Congregational Church, Orange, CT

CLICK HERE to be directed to the Dream.Think.Be.Do. Vimeo Channel.
CLICK HERE to be directed to freely access the discussion questions - scroll down on
the page and click on "Downloadable Discussion Questions."

Living the Questions has been producing progressive Christian resources since 2005. As with many small companies, we are struggling — especially in this time of economic uncertainty. If you appreciate our resources, including the free Dream.Think.Be.Do. streaming program, have found Living the Questions to be a meaningful part of your faith journey, and would like to contribute to help fund future LtQ productions please CLICK HERE. We give thanks for our loyal customers and we hope to be producing thought-provoking resources for many more years. We greatly appreciate your support!

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