Resourcing Progressive Christians

A Joyful Path, Year Two


The focus of A Joyful Path, Year Two is on some of the main tenets of Progressive Christianity and Spirituality, giving our children the foundation they need to understand the basics of this path, to clarify their own personal beliefs and be able to discuss those with others, while at the same time showing what it means to walk the path of Jesus in today’s world.


This package is intended for Small Groups.

The following is included in this Package:

  • 1 Full color 38 lesson teaching Handbook- with 4 sections on Teaching and Using this curriculum
  • 1 DVD -The DVD has all the lessons in digital format- to use on any media device. Simply insert the DVD into your computer or laptop and you can email the lessons to your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Open up the lessons and print from the file. Print out the Affirmation Art work or the Full Page Story Art to send home with the children. Or email the lessons to different teachers. The DVD has a Teacher Training Video included as well as a short Promotional Video to share with parents or members of your faith community.

Year Two is similar to Year One, in that it has 38 lessons, full color original artwork, a contemplative and introductory section for the teacher in each lesson, 38 original stories, incredible heart warming, feeling based activities, and tips to bring music and nature into each lesson.

Year Two is different from Year One, in that focused on the 8 points of Progressive Christianity, breaking them down into 3-5 lessons per point.

Topics that are included are:

  • The Teachings Of Jesus
  • Pluralism
  • Inclusion
  • How We Treat Others
  • The Search for Understanding
  • Peace and Social Justice
  • The Integrity of the Earth
  • Life-long Learning and Selfless Love

Both Year One and Year Two are designed for teaching in everything from home environments to multi-classroom environments. Both have the ability for digital lessons and teaching from a media device.

Each Lesson has a section just for the Teacher- Teacher Reflection and Getting to the Heart of the Lesson- Bible Verses and/or Quotations, One or more Activities for the children that include movement, art, meditation, and other feeling based activities that bring the lesson to heart, an Original Story and Discussion Questions, a full color full page Art piece that corresponds with each 8 Point as well as a full color full page Art piece for each story.

Download Sample 1
Download Sample 2