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[The most critical challenge confronting progressive Christianity during the next 5-10 years] is to develop and make available educational materials and training opportunities so that congregations can better equip their members to provide leadership for the church and for their communities. Preparation for lay leadership in the church took a significant step forward with the advent of the "Living the Questions" video courses...

Jim Adams, What is Progressive Christianity?
The Progressive Christian, Volume 182, Issue 3, pg. 31.

Living the Questions reinvigorated biblical studies for our congregation. We had interesting studies but they were attended almost exclusively by women for several years: our men did not come. With Living the Questions, couples signed up as well as single men and single women.. The original group who did that first course almost 5 years ago have continued in Progressive Christian studies ever since and more have joined in. This group have been motivated to service and action by the series as well as forming a core group who can chat with people as they hear less traditional ideas expressed from the pulpit and by our various teams and groups. They have been emboldened to see their spiritual life can and should be expressed in community action and in changing the way they can speak about their faith and the future of Christianity. Thank you so much!

Your biggest fans (well, we think so!)
Christ Church, United Methodist in Troy, NY

We have a group of about 18 from various backgrounds (including a retired minister, retired chemist, architect, teachers, and cattle ranchers) some traveling up to 75 miles to get to our meetings. We all live "in the sticks" and feel isolated. We know how different we are from most people and feel the isolation when we are in our own congregations. But we have each other and that helps. Your resources have made our cohesion, study and fellowship possible because of the wonderful material you provide. We laugh when we say, again, and over and over, "That was one of the best we have ever had" and we mean it... You have allowed us to learn that we aren't nuts. We have all grown up thinking differently from those around us, knowing we wanted to do our best to be caring Christians but knowing that much of what we learned was just not making good sense to us. That is no longer the case. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Doris Akers
Follett, TX Community Study Group

I have completed Living the Questions and Eclipsing Empire. Within two weeks our group will also have completed First Light. We are looking forward to DreamThinkBeDo and Uppity Women in 2010. Please keep up the great work. This material is transformative.

Rev. John White
First Cong. UCC, Dudley, MA

Your materials are professionally produced; your material is based in Truth and I find it most inspiring! Keep up the good work; the world needs this!

Blessings, Rev. Barbara Hribar
Unity of Medina, Medina, OH

I want you all to know how much Living the Questions has meant to me. I’ve been part of a four-person study group for the last year and we haven’t missed a Sunday! Every week we say “this material is SO good!” It has changed my life and my husband’s life and we are SO grateful for the material. I have learned so much and I feel like I can call myself a Christian again – something I have struggled with over the last 30 years. I want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to learn what Jesus was really about. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Dawn Cleary
Tucson, AZ

I am one of four people who have watched both Living the Question series via FaceTime during Covid.  We all agree it has been a transformational experience.  We loved every episode and all of the speakers.  To say it has been liberating would be an understatement.  We would love to see more of these types of programs.  Do you accept donations as we would like to show our appreciation for your outstanding work.  We want to see it shouted from the rooftops.

Claire Cordon
Tucson, AZ

We are in Summer hiatus at FUMC Corvallis and will return to LtQ2 in fall with an adult group of 20-25. We started 2 years ago with Saving Jesus, then to Eclipsing Empire, then the first 2 flights of LtQ2 this winter and spring. Your team has provided a wonderful way for followers of Jesus to learn stuff we mostly never hear from the pulpit. Tim Stover, our campus minister and I co lead the discussions each Sunday. We couldn't finish the whole series prior to summer break so we first followed Marcus Borg's suggestion to read Amos and used a terrific old book to help us hear the message. We also started on From Jesus to Christ and are half way through the PBS series. We are trying to pace ourselves so we don't run out of these terrific, spirit filled teaching aids. At least half our group are affiliated with our local university as are my wife and I. I would love it if more participated because the message is so well grounded.

Thank you and bless you for so enriching our understanding of the fundamentals of our faith, the ones Jesus imparted before others cluttered it all up with creeds and doctrines and hierarchies (well not all the creeds).

Grace and peace, Hal Salwasser
FUMC Corvallis, OR

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