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You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on this page. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will get a response to you shortly. Thank you.

How do I add my group to your directory?

Please click the “Submit New Group” link in the right-hand menu to add your group to our online directory. Once the information is reviewed, your group will be added.

I've sent an inquiry through your contact link but haven't received a response.

If you have emailed us and haven't received a response the same day, please check your spam folder as our response may have been filtered to "spam." During business hours, our email response time is fast. So if you haven't heard back from us within four hours of sending your email, please send a follow up message to:

I've forgotten my password!

Please go to our Password Recovery page to have your log in information emailed to you.

I'm a facilitator for LtQ, LtQ2, Saving Jesus Redux, Eclipsing Empire, First Light or Painting the Stars. How do I download the supplemental materials?

If you purchased the program, you received an email with a link to download the supplemental materials. If you no longer have record of that email please send us a message at Please include your name (or the purchaser’s name) of the licensed program (or license renewal) and approx. date of purchase so that we may assist you with accessing the supplemental materials.

I purchased a curriculum DVD from a distributor and don’t know how to register it.

Please use our Contact page and include the name of the distributor, the product code printed on the insert, along with the purchase date and we will be happy to register your curriculum purchase for you.

I have purchased the curriculum edition of The Jesus Fatwah, Violence Divine, or Uppity Women. Where do I find the supplemental study materials?

You have purchased a curriculum program that contains an ongoing license and does not need to be renewed. Please visit the product page for the program you purchased where you will find a tab to the page with the supplemental materials.

I purchased a home edition and am looking for resource materials.

The Home Editions do not include access to the online study materials, as they are licensed for home viewing not group use. If you would be interested in receiving pricing information on upgrading your Home Edition purchase to a Curriculum Edition purchase (licensed for group use), please email us at and we will provide you with information.

Where do I find promotional materials for Living the Questions, Living the Questions 2.0, Eclipsing Empire, and Saving Jesus?

Click here to access the promotional materials.

I would like to pay with a check? Is that possible?

Yes, please place an order via our webstore and during the checkout process you will be asked your payment method. Just select the Check option and enter the requested account details on the secured page that follows.

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