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Saving Jesus

Facilitating small group discussion using these materials is one of the joys of my ministry!

Rev. Sally Iberg
Glenview Community Church in Glenview, IL

Saving Jesus has been the most inspiring and thought-provoking adult education series I have ever experienced in my 38 years of ministry. The presenters encourage us to ask important questions about our faith... Such an invitation serves to strengthen our understanding of the profound significance Jesus of Nazareth has on our lives and on our own spiritual awakening. It also encourages us to embrace a greater understanding of faith that is inclusive and reconciling rather than unique and exclusive. The course... speaks to the twenty-first century Christian and a twenty-first century global family. If you are not planning to enrich your church with this new curriculum you are missing an opportunity to set your Church on fire.

Rev. David Wilkinson
Pastor, St. Francis in the Foothills UMC, Tucson, AZ
Where over 100 people recently completed the 12-week "Saving Jesus" series

As a participant in a Living the Questions group for the winter season (06-07) and Saving Jesus last spring at our UCC Church, I write to thank you -- for taking the risk and helping so many of us work through our journey in the Spirit. I was familiar with many of the speakers from their books, lectures, etc., so it was extra good to see them speak in this format with a group of seekers just like me. We all derived great benefit and growth through the series. THANK YOU!

Susan Voith
St. Peter's United Church of Christ in Carmel, IN

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