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Eclipsing Empire

Just a minute to say thank you for your excellent work and to say Bless all of you for what you have created. Our group is currently doing LTQ2 and Eclipsing Empire in two separate group meetings. Most of us are already familiar with many of the contributors, predominately Borg, Crossan and Spong and I have now started collecting books from several other contributors. I continually hope that this work has the changing effect on all users as it has had on me. In those great words of Dr. King, "Free at last." Thank you again.

Charles Rickabaugh
Cathedral of the Air in Lakehurst, New Jersey

We just finished Dom Crossan's Eclipsing Empire Series Sunday night here -first ones in Connecticut to get it, and it was fabulous. This was our third year of using LtQ material for adult education, and people can't get enough of it. We have large crowds, people from the Congregational church next door, and folks now coming from other churches, or who attend no church at all. I've waited thirty years for this kind of material to come out, and I can't thank you enough for presenting and distributing it.

Rev. Jeffrey S. Dugan
St. James Episcopal Church in Farmington, CT

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