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Living the Questions has been producing progressive Christian resources since 2005. Thousands of dollars go into producing each series and recent years have been financially challenging for Living the Questions. This page is set up to facilitate contributions to help fund future LtQ productions. If you appreciate our resources, including the free Dream.Think.Be.Do. streaming program mentioned below, and have found Living the Questions to be a meaningful part of your faith journey, we would greatly appreciate any contribution you are able to give. We give thanks for you, our loyal LtQ customers!


In response to the call for online studies during COVID-19 isolation, we are offering Dream.Think.Be.Do.
as a FREE streaming program for your personal and group use.
CLICK HERE to be directed to the Dream.Think.Be.Do. Vimeo Channel.
CLICK HERE to be directed to freely access the discussion questions – scroll down on the page
and click on “Downloadable Discussion Questions.”