Resourcing Progressive Christians

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Living the Questions has been producing progressive Christian resources since 2005. Thousands of dollars go into producing each series and recent years have been financially challenging for Living the Questions. This page is set up to facilitate contributions to help fund future LtQ productions. If you appreciate our resources and have found Living the Questions to be a meaningful part of your faith journey, we would greatly appreciate any contribution you are able to give. We give thanks for you, our loyal LtQ customers and supporters!

Thoughts Shared by One of Our Generous Supporters:

The idea of financially supporting LtQ as a vital source of questioning and probing was not difficult for us. The local study groups we’ve been a part of for many decades have remained contemporary and viable thanks in large part to the resources LtQ has consistently created. We became acquainted with innumerable, rich perspectives through your series. We separately pursued many of the theological authority figures we first met in your productions—including John Shelby Spong whose final four lectures (of his life) we witnessed in 2018 at Chautauqua, New York. Your eight-part series with Michael Dowd on ”ProFuture Faith” is possibly the greatest mind-expander we have encountered to date.  I sent a TEDX Talk to Michael presented by history Professor Greg Anderson of Ohio State University entitled “Why there’s no such thing as objective reality.” Michael responded, whole-heartedly agreed with the Anderson premise, and offered to Zoom with our class to discuss further. That’s pretty tall cotton in my experience.

So, thank you for the vision your team has had and will continue to have. The prospect of losing LtQ is not something we are willing to contemplate.

Howard Kuchta – Centenary UMC, Lawton, OK