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Are you a fan, groupie, or friend of LtQ? Then here’s your chance to help spread the word about Living the Questions and Progressive Christianity!

David and Jeff’s new book, “Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity” is available wherever books are sold or downloaded – BUT, if we all band together and buy a copy on ONE DAY, there’s a good chance that we’ll make it into the “Bestseller” category!

So c’mon – you know you were going to buy a copy anyway. 

Be sure to go to and buy one (or twelve!) 

TODAY – December 12th 2012 (that’s 12.12.12!).

Score the perfect Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative! Buy a copy for the person you’ve been arguing theology with for years! 

Or just buy a copy!

Thank you in advance for helping David and Jeff out in this hair-brained scheme to conquer the heights of Bestsellerdom.

Thanks to, Blogger and Facebook friends, and all of you who’ve FWDed this message and helped spread the word — we appreciate your encouragement and support! Many thanks! 

 Click HERE or on the graphic above TODAY 

Wednesday December 12th to order! 

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