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Music from Saving Jesus


Music from the original Saving Jesus series, featuring Barb Catlin, Dennis Rowland and Jim & Jean Strathdee.

You will hear many musical styles on this sound track from the original Saving Jesus series*, including jazz, gospel, country, calypso and folk. The enhanced CD also contains music videos that can be viewed on a computer or iPod. (*Please note: This is not the sound track from Saving Jesus Redux. It is the sound track from the original Saving Jesus series.)



Songs Include

  1. I Want Jesus to Walk with Me 3:56 (African American spiritual)
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  2. God Hath Spoken By the Prophets 3:51 (Thomas J. Williams)
  3. How Can We Name a Love 5:00 (Traditional English melody)
  4. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded 6:03 (Hans L. Hassler, J. S. Bach)
  5. This Little Light of Mine 3:25 (African American spiritual)
  6. Do Lord Remember Me 2:59 (USA traditional)
  7. I am the Light of the World 3:57 (Jim Strathdee)
  8. ‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime 5:32 (French Canadian melody)
  9. Holy, Holy, Holy 4:16 (John B. Dykes)
  10. Lead Me, Lord 3:39 (Samuel Sebastian Wesley)
  11. Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days 4:22 (USA folk melody)
  12. Were You There 7:45 (African American spiritual)
  13. I Want Jesus to Walk with Me 3:50 (African American spiritual)
  14. There’ll be Sunshine in the Morning 4:26 (Jim Strathdee)