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Does Your Bible Come With Extra Values Added?

ImageThere are plenty of different Bibles to choose from.  Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Protestants all use different versions of Scripture.  But did you know that some Bibles come with more than just differences in translation?  As Timothy Beal points out, some Bibles come with “values added” that weren’t in the original text that change the meaning of the Bible.  Check out the work of the Conservative Bible Project for an example of this.

Timothy Beal is the author of “The Rise and Fall of the Bible: The Unexpected History of an Accidental Book.” He is the Florence Harkness Professor of Religion at Case Western Reserve University.” 

“LtQ Clips” offer thought-provoking observations and comments on spirituality and religion from prominent authors, scholars, and thinkers. These excerpts from“Living the Questions” curriculum are designed to spark conversation in questioning the dominant pop theology of American Christianity.


  1. Victoria on September 19, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Years ago, My Humanities instructor had been a child in the Nazi death camps. He opened my eyes to a different type of Christian than the “Sunday” christian. I would like to learn more about the world in which Jesus and his followers lived and worked. I was recently told, for someone to say “he is of a virgin birth” was like we say today… He’s a well respected person” I’d like to know if that’s right or not. I’m always interested to learn more about Mary Madeline and the disciples. Who they were, where they went to spread the message and how they interacted amongst themselves and with others. Any books or sites you could direct me to would be appreciated.

  2. Mark Zellmer on September 19, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    What the conservatives are doing isn’t value added, it’s value subtracted.

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